Our Programs

The Camp Blue Spruce vision is that all children and families with food allergies and other related conditions have a sense of belonging, trust, and community.

Camp Blue Spruce provides opportunities for youth and teens living with food allergies to come together as a community. Each summer, we create a physically safe environment for kids with food allergies to build relationships, try new things, and learn more about themselves and what they’re capable of. And now we bring the camp magic to you all year with a number of virtual programs you can safely enjoy from home!

Join us from your home, on a walk in the park, or from wherever you are. We would love to see you at any, or all, of the programs coming up this year!

Camp Blue Spruce provides children with food allergies overnight and at-home camp experiences where they can be independent, confident, and care-free.

Camp Blue Spruce hosts overnight summer camps where children with food allergies are independent, confident, and care-free.

It’s a big world out there, and living with food allergies or Celiac disease can be tricky! Allergy Pals, USA, is an online mentorship program that seeks to support kids and teens with food allergies and other dietary restrictions as they navigate their daily lives.

Through our upbeat, weekly Zoom meetings, you’ll make new friends from across the country, play fun games, and learn new skills with others who “get it.” Each one-hour session is led by experienced mentors who guide participants along their eight-week journey to more confidence, more fun, and more friends! 

Food-Free Fun puts on food-free social events for children managing food allergies or restrictions. Our safe, inclusive social events are where you and your family can find personal connections and support.

We plan and put on food-free social events in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, so kids and teens who manage food allergies or restrictions can fully and safely participate in activities, especially those that usually center around food.

For more information, please contact:

Alex Flannagan (Banjo), Program Director, alex@campbluespruce.org