About Us

My son is a Camp Blue Spruce camper and is looking forward to this summer.  I just wanted to share with you that he made a move this week that I think is inspired by your work.  He delivered a speech in a new school about the importance of awareness for severe allergies.  He was so brave and proud at the same time to stand up and talk about his allergy experience.  Thank you for camp and for giving him a sense of community – it helps him every day!

Camper Mom 2018

Our Story

Camp Blue Spruce is what happens when a food allergy mom wants her son to go to overnight camp, founds a non-profit, and finds a little bit of camp magic along the way!

Our Vision

The Camp Blue Spruce vision is that all children and families with food allergies and other related conditions have a sense of belonging, trust and community.

Camp Blue Spruce strives to reach this vision through its year-round intentional programming, which considers the social and emotional impacts of food allergies.

  • Camp Blue Spruce, the only week-long overnight camp in the country dedicated to kids with life-threatening food allergies, and its virtual camp programming;
  • Allergy Pals USA, safe, online mentorship where children support each other guided by trained mentors;
  • Food-Free Fun, community and educational events for newly diagnosed families.

Our Values

Our camp values are embedded in all that we do.

  • We create a culture of RESPECT and inclusion.
  • We are STEWARDS of the beautiful places we are honored to call home.
  • We promote COMPASSION and understanding both within our community and beyond.
  • We are RESPONSIBLE for our choices.
  • We TRUST that we can live full lives with food allergies. And,
  • We encourage kids to be INDEPENDENT

Our Commitment

Camp Blue Spruce strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where all participants, staff, and families are valued. We foster inclusion through our core values of respect, stewardship, compassion, responsibility, trust, and independence, and by embracing the rich dimensions of diversity inherent when groups of people come together. We recognize inequalities exist in society and the food allergy community is not immune to those inequalities. Camp Blue Spruce stands for no discrimination and actively works to counteract those inequalities wherever possible. As we continue to embrace and grow with our community, we are an ever-evolving organization, we are listening, and we strive to learn and to grow through input from our participants and continued education around important issues of inclusion. By nurturing an inclusive space, campers and staff experience belonging, support, and confidence they will carry with them in their daily lives for years to come. All participants, staff, and families in the food allergy community, and the Camp Blue Spruce community, deserve this opportunity, free from discrimination.

Our Team

The programs at Camp Blue Spruce are organized by a highly qualified team that includes camp professionals, medical advisors, parents of children with food allergies, event organizers, cooks and nutritionists, financial and fundraising experts, and communications professionals.

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