Health House

The health and safety of the campers is our top priority. In the event of injury or illness, our professional team of medical staff is on hand – 24 hours/day throughout the camp session. Our Medical Advisory Team has developed our medical protocols, and camp staff is trained in First Aid and in identifying allergic reactions and treating them. The Dr. Doolittle Health House is a well-equipped facility dedicated to all our campers’ health needs. In addition, allergy clinic staff and nurses volunteer alongside our professional camp nurse to manage the health and safety of our campers. The medical staff ensure campers receive their daily medications and accompany campers when they leave main camp, carrying emergency medications.

The camp nurse and her team are well-trained and prepared to handle any allergic reactions should they occur. Emergency responders in the area are alerted to the presence of children with food allergies at the camp. In the case of a severe allergic reaction, other illness, or injury first responders can be at the camp in ten minutes, and the camp is just 30 minutes from the nearest hospital.

Allison Shuster, PA-C shares her experience with volunteering at Camp Blue Spruce:

I have been privileged to be a part of camp life at Camp Blue Spruce since 2016 alongside a great Health House team. As a child, I participated in a summer camp for children with asthma- first as a camper and then as a counselor.  The Health House team loves connecting with the campers and participating in their daily activities. I am thrilled to help give the same camp experience I had to others. 

Our “camp time” starts weeks in advance reviewing the camper’s medical forms and contacting parents as needed to review any specific concerns or questions. At camp check in we meet with each camper and their family and make any final updates to the health record and medication administration before we are Blue Spruce bound. We look forward to meeting with the campers and families!

Medical Advisory Team

James Baker, MD, Baker Allergy and Asthma, Portland, OR

Sanjeev Jain, MD, PhD, Columbia Allergy, Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR

Sarah Kehl, MD, Oak Street Medical, Eugene, OR

Barzin Khalili, The Allergy Clinic, Portland, OR

Counselors hold Red Cross certifications in First Aid and work closely with the medical team to understand the needs of each child.