Food-Free Fun for Everyone

I had to keep reminding myself that I could stop scanning the room for potential food threats, that I didn’t have to keep a hawk eye on her all the time to make sure she didn’t touch a deadly food… such an amazing feeling. I wish there were more events like this.

Ananda F.

Food-Free Fun organizes social events in the Portland/Vancouver metro area, where kids and teens who manage food allergies or restrictions can fully and safely participate. We refocus events that usually center around food so that the FUN is central, not the food, and everyone is included! Kids get to meet and make friends with other children like them and parents and caregivers can make face to face connections, support one another and learn something new. You can see photos from some of our past events by clicking here.

Upcoming Program Info

4-Part Speaker Series

Camp Blue Spruce is excited to present the next installment in their 4-part speaker series on Sunday, March 10th at 12pm PST – Substitutions for Common Allergens in Cooking and Baking. Cooking and baking without familiar ingredients like milk, eggs and wheat can sound like a challenge. Join Your Allergy Chefs, Joel and Mary Schaefer, as they show you simple substitutions that will achieve amazing and delicious results. They’ll also be sharing recipes that everyone will enjoy, not just those with food allergies. Held once a month from January through April, these interactive presentations will combine community, education and fun. All ages are welcome. To register please – Click Here.

Joel and Mary Schaefer are the husband and wife team who created Your Allergy Chefs out of a passion for helping those with food allergies and special diets. They have worked with multiple manufacturing companies that specialize in making products for people with food allergies and special diets. Joel is a consultant for Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). Together they have also developed over 40 recipes for Allergic

This speaker series is made possible through a community award from Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), generous supporters of our community!


All ages welcome!

Sunday, March 10th

Online through Zoom


12:00 – 2:00 PM PST


Free! Donations to help Camp Blue Spruce continue its programming are kindly accepted.

I wish more communities had these events. It is wonderful for my kids to feel normal: They aren’t the only ones and it is crucial as they develop to know they belong. Thank you for all you do!


Who is this for?

Events will list if they are geared toward kids, teens, or the whole family. Space is typically limited and registrations are accepted in the order in which they are received. These are not drop-off events; at least one adult must be present for each group of children.

Our Story

The program’s founders (Elizabeth Moreno, Tracy Lehto, Louise Tippens, and Joanne Smith) gathered in Spring 2016, in order to host social gatherings that were 100% food-free, with an emphasis on events from which children with food restrictions might normally be excluded. The Food-Free Fun founders also wanted to create educational and networking opportunities for parents and caregivers of children with dietary restrictions. Food-Free Fun for Everyone is proud to now be a program of Camp Blue Spruce.