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Aspen’s Story

The Power of Camp Blue Spruce!

I’ve always known that camp is important, but it’s never been more apparent than our 2021 session. I’ve been lucky enough to be a Blue Spruce counselor since 2016, and to get to work with so many different ages of campers. This year I was the CIT coordinator, and it’s hard to overstate the impact that this single week of camp had. The CITs are our oldest campers who are starting to transition to a leadership role at camp, and they absolutely exemplify the magic of our CBS community. Throughout the week they bonded with each other, started stepping up to lead songs and games, and became examples for younger campers of how to put the Camp Blue Spruce values into action. I got to watch them grow into a cohort of compassionate, motivated, and confident leaders. Not only did they support and encourage each other, they connected with younger campers and made them feel safe and included. This kind of growth is incredible to see, and is so special and unique to Blue Spruce. Beyond just a physical space free of allergens, it’s a community full of shared experience and understanding that fosters growth and confidence.