General News

We Have a New Website!

You’ve probably noticed our website has undergone a major redesign and reorganization! Local WordPress developer and fellow allergy parent Maren Vernon, under the banner of her web development business Codified Concepts, helped us bring our vision to life.

We got to know Maren through our Food Free Fun programming. She has one child with a peanut allergy and one child with celiac disease. (You can see her adorable youngest daughter, who was featured in Generation GF Magazine, by clicking here.) Though her children are still too young to join us at overnight camp, Maren has appreciated joining our live and virtual events and learning from information in our newsletters. So she wanted to help ensure more people could learn about our work and join our community.

Not only is this redesign fresh and modern but it is also more user-friendly. Now you can easily find information on our expanding suite of programs, complete applications, visit pages dedicated to our virtual programs, shop camp gear, see camp photos, read our latest social media posts, and more from any device. We hope you love the new look and functionality! And check out all of our new programs to keep the camp spirit alive all year round.